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All of our mosaics are hand-finished, and special formats, blends and colours can be made to order. For more information ask about our bespoke service.

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VENETIAN GLASS : pure, bright luxury...

Glass has been made on the islands of the Venice lagoon for over 1000 years, and by the fourteenth century Venetian glass was so highly prized, its secrets and skills so closely guarded, that a city ordinance (the Capitulare de Fiolariis) established dire penalties for any of the glassworkers of Murano who so much as dared to leave the island.
Times may have changed, but Venetian glass remains prized above all others, and it is what the Italian craftsmen we work with use in their sumptuous hand-finished mosaics.

With all the rich and delicate colours of stained glass, or combining Murano glass with real gold and platinum (the precious metal fused between two layers of glass), these are supremely luxurious and extraordinarily beautiful mosaics.

Equally lovely as decorative borders or when used floor-to-ceiling for maximum impact, almost all of these mosaics are also suitable for use in swimming pools.