An Anglo-Italian partnership run by a father and daughter team, Progetti Italiani is a real "arts and crafts" affair, combining cutting-edge contemporary design with the most traditional of artisan production techniques.

Working with a carefully selected 'stable' of some of Italy's finest craftsmen, we produce hand-crafted wall tiles that make the very most of Italian design savvy and the still wonderfully vigorous Italian craft tradition. Progetti Italiani's decors - some of the boldest and most original around - are designed for us by leading Italian contemporary artists, whilst the range of ceramic field tiles concentrates on very special glaze effects in classic Italian formats. Our metallic tiles, including mirror glazes hand-painted with real platinum and copper, have been chosen by Smallbone of Devizes to complement their award-winning Walnut and Silver kitchen and their new bathroom ranges.

Bespoke and project work is also undertaken for both private and commercial clients and forms a very important part of what we do.

The emphasis on the highest possible levels of craftsmanship is an integral part of the Progetti Italiani philosophy. We are proud to work with some of Italy's most highly-skilled artisans, like Lavinia Sarti (pictured here with Julia MacGibbon of Progetti Italiani) who calmly do the impossible with both materials and demanding artist-designers.

Our first tiles were produced in labyrinthine studios stretching back behind the houses and courtyards of central Rome - a magical environment with ancient Roman mosaics embedded in the floors and the Tiber coursing by at the end of the street. Since the launch range was shown at 100% Design back in 2004, production has expanded to more modern premises in the Roman countryside, Tuscany, Umbria and Emilia, and we have also expanded our range to include stunning Italian glass mosaics, but production techniques remain as traditional as ever.

Each ceramic tile is hand-glazed and slow-fired and each mosaic is hand-finished, to produce extraordinarily beautiful tiles - real modern classics.